Matching Gift Challenge for a Mobile Surgery Unit

UPDATE: Thanks to your generosity, we have met our Matching Gift Challenge! However, we are still accepting gifts to help cover the cost of additional equipment for the Mobile Surgery Unit. Thank you!

Our medical space and equipment need updating as we continue to provide care for our animals at two facilities, Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick and Lincoln County Animal Shelter in Edgecomb.  Creating updated clinics in two locations would be costly – so instead, we’ve found the perfect solution: a Mobile Surgery Unit!

An anonymous donor has generously offered to match every donation for the Mobile Surgery Unit up to $90,000 until July 31st!

We have the potential to build on our dream and provide even better services to the animals and people in our community, and we need your help!


Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick and Lincoln County Animal Shelter in Edgecomb each have long histories of passionately serving stray and unwanted animals of mid-coast Maine. Now as one organization, we care for 3,500 animals every year across 40 towns from Falmouth to Somerville. Our veterinarian performs 12-30 surgeries in a single day… in a tiny 6′ x 8′ space.

Providing the necessary medical care for animals at two facilities with a single, tiny, and outdated clinic is a daily challenge! Dogs and cats at our Edgecomb location must be carted to and from our Range Road building for treatment. Our shelter vet, Dr. Mandie Wehr, will tell you that this is a stressful ordeal for our animals, and that stress means slower recovery time.

What’s more, we lack space for animals to recuperate after surgery. Our “recovery ward” for animals that have received care is no more than blankets on the floor of our small clinic.

Because we lack some key pieces of modern veterinary equipment, occasionally we have to outsource some of our surgeries to neighboring veterinary clinics, which incurs added costs.

Today, we have been given a rare opportunity that will improve the medical care we can offer to the animals at our locations, but we will need your help!

Why a Mobile Surgery Unit?

A Mobile Surgery Unit will feature everything Dr. Wehr and her team will need, and then some: two surgery tables, an anesthesiology machine, diagnostic hardware, an X-Ray machine, and other amenities.  With veterinary care that travels to the animals, our cats and dogs will avoid the stressful ordeal of transportation between facilities. We will even have designated recovery space in the van, and space that was used as our clinic can be used for animals in need of longer recovery periods. No stressful car rides required!

The Best in the Industry

The model we have selected for our mobile surgery unit, the La Boit 26′ Spay/Neuter Mobile Clinic, is the best in the industry and will help Dr. Wehr and her medical team provide the best care possible to thousands of animals every year, providing surgeries to animals as well as routine vaccinations and exams. And with all of the tools she will have, we won’t have to call on other clinics to help with specific surgeries that require more advanced technology.

Funding: How it Breaks Down

The cost for a fully-equipped unit is $238,000. We’re already on our way there, thanks to a generous $50,000 Petco Foundation Grant and early support from donors.  An anonymous donor has promised to match every donation we receive up to $90,000 – an extraordinary contribution – so our fundraising goal for this campaign is $90,000. When we get there, BOOM – it will be doubled!  With this matching gift opportunity, we can raise the $180,000 that we still need to purchase the unit.


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