The Coastal Humane Society (CHS) is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization, animal shelter, and companion animal adoption agency.  Each year we raise over 1 million dollars from businesses, family foundations, grant makers, and individual animal lovers like you.  If you’re passionate about animals in your community, there are endless ways to support our cause.  No matter what your availability, age or financial situation, there is a way to get involved.

If it is within your means, make a donation or show your support by becoming a Shelter Friend.  You can also check out our Wish List for the supplies we need most, become a volunteer, or if you are willing to open up your home, consider becoming a foster family.  If you are a business owner, you too can be a member- and even become a satellite shelter. You can include CHS in your will or host your own fundraiser and let your creativity be your guide!

Check out the panel to the left and decide how you want to get involved. If you have another idea about how to help us out, we want to hear about it! Please call (207) 449-1366 and share your ideas with us!

Mailed in donations may be addressed to our administrative location: Coastal Humane Society, 190 Pleasant Street, Brunswick, Maine 04011