May Volunteer of the Month: Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown with shelter dog for adoption “Taylor.”

Congratulations to Lisa Brown, May’s Volunteer of the Month! Lisa is a dedicated dog walker at Lincoln County Animal Shelter, and she has also helped out in the clinic and with adoption counseling. Lisa is dependable, has a great attitude, is always kind, and regularly helps staff out with some of the less glamorous tasks when they are running behind. Beyond that, her commitment to the dogs in our care is astounding. She comes in for at least an hour (often 2 or 3 hours) 4 to 5 days a week to ensure the dogs get outside and receive some quality love and attention.

She is making a huge difference in the quality of these dogs’ lives while they are at the shelter and is helping them get adopted. If you see Lisa, please thank her for her dedication and hard work!

What motivates you to volunteer with Coastal Humane Society and Lincoln County Animal Shelter?

I love walking the shelter dogs, it’s good to get them out of their kennels and let them release some energy. The staff at LCAS have become friends. They are dedicated and caring.

What is your best shelter memory?

My best memories are of the people who adopt a senior dog or the dog who needs a little extra patience. Those adopters are heroes in my book!

What would you tell people who are interested in volunteering?

Anyone interested in volunteering, please try it. Its fun and rewarding, these animals need all the love and attention they can get. You won’t regret it.

Our VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH series profiles our incredible, hardworking, beloved volunteers. Each month, this V.I.P.’s picture and award will be displayed on our website, at our Range Road building for the month, and their name inscribed on a special plaque.