Made with Love: Shelter Receives Special Gift

Seventy of Dora Parson’s exquisite carvings were donated to support the work of the shelter.

Coastal Humane Society and Lincoln County Animal Shelter received an especially heartfelt gift.

A collection of over seventy wood carvings has been donated to Coastal Humane Society and Lincoln County Animal Shelter from the estate of Dora Parsons, who passed away in 2013 at 93.

Dora grew up in Holyoke, Massachusetts and was a lifelong admirer of nature and lover of animals. After a career as a nurse, she discovered her passion for wood carving in the last quarter of her life. It was one of many artistic hobbies she shared with her beloved husband Wilbur.  Dora was active with a woodcarving group called the Chip Away Carvers where she honed her skills, and was prolific in her later years.

She gave away many pieces to friends and family. They varied in style, some whimsical, some modern and abstract, and some realistic. She worked with many different types of wood, noting the character and workability of each wood. Of the 22 types she worked with, she liked Butternut (“good – medium hard – ecru grain”), Cherry (“great – hard – nice grain”), Cedar (“good – medium soft – some red, some red and white”), Buckeye (“good carving – soft – mottled black and white”), and Teak (“great for carving – is oily – beautiful grain”).

Upon her passing, Dora’s children made the decision to donate many of her carvings depicting animals to the Coastal Humane and Lincoln County shelters, noting “she would be pleased to know that proceeds from her work will be used in the caring for animals.”

The shelters will feature the carvings in auctions and other fundraisers to support their work.