February Volunteer of the Month: Allen Goodrich

AllenGoodrichCongratulations to Allen Goodrich, February’s Volunteer of the Month! Allen goes above and beyond what is asked of him and was enthusiastically recommended for this award by Coastal staff. He is hardworking and dedicated, always looking for more responsibility and more ways he can help. He has volunteered with us for over a year and has recently started helping in our Isolation ward, which is an area that has a hard time finding and keeping volunteers because it can be emotionally and physically difficult work. Allen comes in every week and stays for most of the day so he can help in both Isolation and Adoptable Cats, and also cares for our Barn Buddies and helps feed the kitties in our on-site feral colony. Coastal Staff reports that he will help with anything and everything while always maintaining a great attitude. If you see Allen this month, please thank him for his service!


Our VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH series profiles our incredible, hardworking, beloved volunteers. Each month, this V.I.P.’s picture and award will be displayed on our website, at our Range Road building for the month, and their name inscribed on a special plaque.