August Volunteer of the Month: Barb Osen

Congratulations to Barb Osen, August’s Volunteer of the Month!

Congratulations, Barb, and thank you for your service!

Barb has been volunteering with Coastal Humane Society for years, and in 2016 alone she provided 510 hours of service! Barb has been running our Call Back Program for 3 years, and before that she helped out in the laundry room. What’s the Call Back Program, you ask?  Barb calls every family who adopts an animal from us to check in and see how the animal is settling in, usually a week or two after adoption.  Barb says that she loves hearing the wonderful stories of our “fur babies” finding their new homes. People often tell her that adopting their new family member was one of the best decisions they’ve made. Barb especially loves seeing the older dogs and cats find loving homes. Says Barb about her time with us:
My best personal memory of volunteering is of finding my Cocker Spaniels at the shelter. I had recently lost my dog and wasn’t sure I was ready to adopt again. I was helping in laundry and something drew me back into dogs. There I saw two mangy, sad, senior Cocker Spaniels cowering in the corner of a kennel. It was love at first sight! I took them for a walk and we seemed to bond instantly. I adopted them on the spot! Lady was 11 years old and her daughter, Friskie, was 9 at the time. Sadly, Lady passed from cancer a year later, but Friskie is doing great and is a certified Pet Assisted Therapy dog now. She loves visiting assisted living homes in the area, and the residents seem to love her, too.”
Friskie now has a little sister named Pickles, a 6-year-old Schnauzer mix rescued from Mississippi. Barb says they are both best buddies with her 20-year-old cat, Oskar.
Thank you for all that you do for our shelters, Barb!