The Coastal Club of Bowdoin College

Coastal Club Mission

The mission of the Coastal Club is to support Coastal Humane Society in their own mission to the best of our abilities. We strive to work towards “the common good”, a guiding principle for Bowdoin College. The Coastal Club facilitates student involvement with the Coastal Humane Society and seeks to help establish and maintain great relationships between Bowdoin College, the Coastal Humane Society, and other Brunswick communities. These relationships are fostered by our work with community volunteers, transportation organization, and joint event planning with Coastal.

What the Coastal Club does:

  • Coordinate volunteer training sessions with the Coastal Humane Society for Bowdoin students
  • Organize transportation for Bowdoin students to volunteer several times a week
  • Lead volunteer shifts of Bowdoin students and determine how best to support the shelter while visiting
  • Conduct fundraisers such as bake sales or blanket drives at Bowdoin College
  • Act under The Joseph McKeen Center for the Common Good as liaisons between the Volunteer Coordinator at Coastal Humane Society and Bowdoin students

2015 Coordinators & Contact:

Madeline Davis, co-leader

I’m a senior at Bowdoin College hailing from Southern California and double majoring in Environmental Studies and Psychology. I’ve always been a huge animal lover and have lived with cats for nearly all my life. I started volunteering on my own at Coastal in my first year at Bowdoin, and subsequently discovered that Mariana and some other students were doing the same thing. We thought that a chartered volunteer club may help to facilitate a better relationship with Coastal while also drawing from a larger pool of potential volunteers on campus. Now I coordinate transportation and get my cat fix almost every week!

Mariana Guzmán Márquez, co-leader

My biggest obstacle to my goal to volunteer at Coastal Humane Society when I first arrived at Bowdoin was my lack of access to transportation to get to CHS. I was thrilled when I learned of the McKeen Center and the resources that it could provide to help me in my efforts to engage with CHS. My experience is not a unique one. Madeline and I chose to assist other students who wish to interact with CHS and its amazing staff and animals by establishing the Coastal Club. I am very grateful for CHS, the McKeen Center, and the opportunities that have been opened up to so many students through their kindness and support.