Lost and Found

If your pet is missing or if you’ve found a stray animal, please see these instructions:

What to do if your pet is missing

Here you’ll find instructions on what to do if your animal is lost.  You should notify Animal Control of your missing animal, and file a report of your missing cat or dog with us here at the Coastal Humane Society.   After you have read up on what to do if your animal goes missing, you can also check our shelter for your animal by clicking “Stray Cats at CHS” or “Stray Dogs at CHS” which will display all of the animals at the Coastal Humane Society that have come in as strays- excluding those that were surrendered by their owners.  On the panel to the left, you’ll also find a list of reported missing animals in our community, as well forms to report your missing dog or cat.

What to do if you find a stray animal

If you’ve found an animal that you think could be someone’s pet, here you’ll find helpful instructions on what to do next.   Please note that the Coastal Humane Society cannot accept wildlife or reptiles into our facility, as we are not licensed to do so.