Mission & Values


At the Coastal Humane Society, we believe in the special bond between people and their animal friends.  An animal is not merely a “pet.”  It is a companion.  A best friend.  A loyal, loving pal.

Their hearts do not judge. In their eyes, we are perfect just the way we are.  They always want to make us feel good – by greeting us with wagging tails, giving a friendly lick on the face, or snuggling up to us when we feel sad.  Animals warm our hearts and our lives.   The bond between person and animal is made of loyalty, compassion, respect, and unconditional love.

We strive to enhance that bond in all of our endeavors here at the Coastal Humane Society.


The mission of the Coastal Humane Society is to protect and save animals’ lives; to educate and advocate for their welfare; to provide exemplary shelter and veterinary care; to place adoptable companion animals in loving homes; and to enhance the bond between humans and animals.