Animal Stats


Our Live Release Rate is 97%. That’s nothing to bark at!

Coastal Humane Society and our sister shelter Lincoln County Animal Shelter proudly serve nearly 3,500 animals per year, making the most of our kennel space and making sure every animal receives medical care, comfort and safe lodgings until each one finds that perfect forever home.  Like many shelters nationwide, we strive for the best Live Release Rate we can attain. Live Release Rate is an animal sheltering statistic that describes the percentage of animals for whom we find homes, return to owner, or transfer to another agency that can guarantee a home for the animals it receives.  In 2016, our Live Release Rate was 98% for dogs and 96% for cats. These numbers are high, though we work daily to bring them even higher! On this page, you’ll find details about our animals by the numbers.

See our life-saving statistics from 2011-2017
(2017 data is here!)